Welcome to Recipes from Mother to Son

Why I’m writing this blog…..

Dear Andrew,

Once you asked me to write down my recipes because you wanted to have them when you grew up and lived on your own.  So one at a time I began writing them down, but it has been more difficult than I imagined.  Since I have put a lot of thought into measurements, techniques, and terminology to make the recipes clear, I think just to give you a typed binder full of recipes is not enough, so I decided to create this blog.  I want to share more than just the ingredients with you; I want to share my childhood memories, and my experiences in the kitchen with family and friends throughout my life.  How they have taught me to cook through example, and how they have influenced the way I cook today.

Andrew, this blog is dedicated to you.  Your interest in cooking and your love of good food has inspired me to be the best that I can be.  I want you to have fond memories of your life at home with me and our family, and the joy that good food brings to all of us.

My Inspiration

My name is Angela and I grew up in an Italian family in Western Pennsylvania. My mother was a housewife who stayed home to take care of the family, and my father was a steel worker. Dad was born in Italy, in a small town in the Region of Abruzzo and Mom was born in the United States, the daughter of Italian immigrants from the Region of Calabria.  Needless to say, food was an important part of our everyday life. My memories of cooking with mom go back to when I was just a young girl. I helped to cut vegetables or if I was lucky I got to turn the crank on the pasta machine (this was a big deal). The older I got, the more involved I was with the cooking process, but no matter what I was doing I paid close attention to what mom was doing. Through her example I learned how to cook. I watched how she combined ingredients for the best flavors, and the techniques she used. These are some of the best memories of my childhood.

Mom had a natural talent for knowing what ingredients went well together. She did not use recipes, instead she cooked from the heart. She was raised by her father, who had a big influence on her. I remember her telling me how he used to cook for the family and that at one point in his life he was a chef in Pittsburgh.  Mom was able to put together delicious meals with ease by using whatever ingredients available in the pantry and refrigerator.  Even the simplest meals were memorable. My love for cooking came from the memory of mom in the kitchen and how it made me feel to grow up with a mother that devoted herself to taking care of her family and making every meal, every holiday, and every day special.

You will find in this blog recipes that are mainly from Italian, Polish, and American cuisines.  I will, however, include food from other cuisines as well. Food that I have grown to love as an adult, such as Mexican and Indian inspired dishes.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the recipes.